ALERT: Team Joe HIDING after raiding Trump. GO HERE TO TAKE ACTION

Joe Biden and his surrogates have GONE INTO HIDING after raiding President Trump's Mara Lago home.

Joe left with son Hunter on "vacation" without answering any questions. FBI Director Wray refused to answer inquiries about the FBI raid and instead warned of right-wing attacks against the FBI in retaliation. And AG Garland IS TOTALLY MISSING IN ACTION.

+ + Critical Action -- Demand Wray and Garland Testify

With Congress being forced back into session tomorrow to vote on the horrendous Spending Scam, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan has issued a call for both Garland and Wray to appear before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow and answer questions about the FBI raid.

If you are outraged that Team Joe is hiding after the FBI attack on Trump, here are two actions you can take...

ACTION #1 -- Take two minutes to sign this "Stop Attacks On Trump" national petition. Go here to sign right now:

Note: we must have 10,000 signatures to deliver petitions to McConnell and other leaders!

Action #2 -- Call Wray and Garland and demand they ANSWER for the FBI raid

After you send your faxes, take a minute to call DOJ and FBI headquarters and demand that Garland and Wray answer for this outrageous raid:

  • FBI HQ: 202-324-3000
  • DOJ HQ: 202-514-2000

+ + Joe and Liberal Media are WHITEWASHING FBI raid

Of course, the liberal media is running cover. It got so bad yesterday, that the liberal talking heads began eliminating the word "raid" from the discussion! MSBNC actually changed the graphic on the screen live during a broadcast from "FBI raids Trump's Mar-A-Lago" to "FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-A-Lago." Here it is...

They are going to WHITEWASH the FBI raid on Trump, unless citizens DEMAND action!

Take action to Stop The Attacks On Trump. SIGN THE PETITION here.

For life, liberty and limited government,