It's Election Day. Whether you voted early or are headed to the polls before they close tonight, we want to take one last opportunity to share our "Top Ten Reasons Trump Can (And Will) Win!" Our goal is to have as many patriots as possible read this important and insightful article written by Grassfire founder and president Steve Elliott.

Over the past week, we've been asking you to share "Top Ten Reasons Trump Can (And Will) Win!" on Facebook and Twitter. But today, Grassfire has decided to "cut to the chase." We're sending you an abridged version in this email that we hope you'll forward to your family and friends. Here's why we think President Trump will be re-elected today:

#10 -- The polls are moving Trump's way... fast

The polls have been wrong... again. After months of showing an overwhelming lead for Biden, all the polls are tightening and the most accurate polls from 2016 are forecasting a Trump victory. 

#9 -- A strong majority say they are better off today than four years ago

A very revealing Gallup poll provides the best evidence that Trump's support is and will be much greater than the media is letting on. What is Trump's number? 56%. That's far better than any prior president since Gallup has been asking the question.

#8 -- The economy is surging and elections are about the economy... stupid

Third quarter GDP numbers show a 33% growth rate. In the midst of unprecedented pandemic shutdown that stifled the economy, President Trump insisted that our nation's economy get moving again. Because he pushed, we are recovering.

#7 -- Most think Trump will win and think their neighbor is voting for Trump!

Recent polling shows Trump leads 49%-38% when people are asked who their neighbor is voting for. And on who they think will win? It's not even close -- Trump trumps Biden 56%-40% according to Gallup.

#6 -- The rallies and the "lawnslide"... retail politics still matters

In the Trump vs. Biden "signage showdown," the President shows a huge advantage. So do the Trump boat, car and tractor parades taking place across the country -- with no apparent planning, coordination or support from the Trump campaign. A true grassroots movement. And don’t forget the massive Trump rallies, as Biden hides in his basement.

#5 -- Trump has a clearer perception of self and country

The President has a clearer sense of self and country than Joe Biden. Trump speaks (for hours) from his gut. He has been remarkably consistent on his policies and positions. At the end of the day, Americans want and need leadership. Trump provides that.

#4 -- The riots.

The perceived threat to our safety and security posed by illegal immigration in 2016 has been replaced by a real and very personal threat to our homes, our property, our businesses and our communities posed by the rioting in the streets. These riots have gone on almost non-stop for months, and have served as the "frame" for the election.

#3 -- The Miracle of Middle East Peace

Almost lost in the noise of COVID and BLM and this entire crazy year has been President Trump's historic progress toward peace in the Middle East. In the span of weeks, the President's administration helped bring together three historic peace deals -- the first in decades.

#2 -- Black and Latino voters will save America

About 10 days before Election Day, President Trump's approval rating among Black "likely voters" reached 44%! Trump is also resonating with Latinos, perhaps because so many are so much closer to the devastating effects of socialism in third-world Latin countries.

#1 -- You!

The most important reason President Trump can and WILL win re-election is... YOU! Your love for country and for defending America's greatness is the best and brightest hope for this land. You have learned how to bypass the liberal media's lies and have stood tall for America when all the "opinion leaders" told you that you must hate America.

By posting Trump yards signs and waving Trump flags, patriotic Americans -- like you -- took part in grassroots efforts across the country. The true heroes of the President's re-election will have written an amazing comeback story.

Millions upon millions of patriots have been shunned by the far-Left elites and told they have no place in Democrats' new society. But by standing strong and holding your ground, you defend America's greatness.

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