Historic showdown in Congress: Fight or surrender? (poll)

America is just hours away from an epic showdown in Congress that could alter the future of our Republic. Both the House and the Senate will meet on Capitol Hill tomorrow to certify Joe Biden's Electoral College "victory," even as President Trump continues his fight against voter fraud and election-law violations in several battleground states. 

Yesterday, Grassfire asked our team members whether or not GOP Representatives and Senators should contest the results of the 2020 election. The response has been amazing, as thousands of American patriots have made their voices heard. But with less than 24 hours until tomorrow's joint session of Congress, this is your final chance to vote.

If you support Republicans challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election tomorrow, click here or on the "YES!" image below. If you think a GOP surrender that would certify Joe Biden as president is best for the country, click here or on the "NO!" image below.


Your response right now is critical. If we reach 10,000 votes by 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow, Grassfire staff will share these poll results with House and Senate leaders BEFORE the joint session of Congress begins.

So, if you haven't taken action yet, please cast your "ballot" in our "Contest or Not?" QuickPoll. If you've already voted, please forward this email to your family and friends. Urge them to stand with you by also making their voices heard. Thanks, in advance, for your support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Our QuickPolls are not scientific and are not meant to endorse a specific candidate or position. Grassfire polls are for informational purposes only.

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  • Fred Benson
    commented 2021-01-06 10:07:31 -0500
    I’m sorry, Patricia, but I had to vent that Grassfire did not do ANYTHING to help support Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue last night. I also have a bad feeling we’re going to lose the presidential election. I’m sorry, but Trump was in GA, supporting Kelly & David, and the conservative pundits are blaming Trump and the GA Republican Party for the loss. And, I also blame Steve Elliott for ignoring these two runoff elections. I’m sorry for posting that, but I am a black man who cares about Trump and the Republicans, but last night (and this morning) proved that America’s now under Socialist/Marxist rule. Raphael Warnock is friends with Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam leader, known for being anti-Semite and he’s a black liberation leader) and Fidel Castro (the late Cuban leader who supported Communism, Socialism, and Marxism). I’m furious that Georgia’s Republicans failed to vote last night, and I didn’t hear Grassfire do anything to help the state in the runoff. So I had to blame Grassfire. But Governor Brian Kemp is really to blame. Sorry, Patricia, for being too harsh, but I didn’t hear Grassfire send me any emails about the Georgia runoffs. If Grassfire told us about it, Loeffler and Perdue would’ve been re-elected. I’m sorry for all the hate, but I’m furious right now that the Democrats won. Hope Grassfire can continue fighting as the Democrats have won the Presidency, House and Senate.
  • Patricia Christian
    commented 2021-01-06 09:45:22 -0500
    Mr. Benson, You are so wrong. Pitiful that American Citizens are so blinded by hate and your wording in your comment leaves much to be desired. God have mercy on you and Thank You God for Grassfire, we really need you to hold America.
  • Fred Benson
    commented 2021-01-06 09:32:49 -0500
    Hey, Grassfire! Way to go on ignoring the Senate runoff in Georgia! Your boy Trump is to blame. Here, Steve. Hope Grassfire goes by the way of the dodo bird! What are you going to do now, Grasshole? Warnock and Ossoff won. And it’s the GOP’s fault. What are you going to do now, Mr. Elliott? “Helping America thrive.” My ass. You and Grasshole Nation did not do a single thing to help Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. All you were worried about was “Stop the Steal!” Grassfire did not tell us about Georgia runoffs. We lost. Steve Elliott, you didn’t even mention Georgia in the emails you gave me. We lost Georgia, and you ignored the runoffs. I just can’t trust Grasshole anymore. So screw you, Grassfire, screw you, Stephen Elliott, and screw you, Grasshole Nation! You didn’t do anything to help Loeffler/Perdue. All you said was “Stop The Steal” 24/7! I am done with Grassfire. Go out of business, I don’t care. Just GTFO. “Helping America thrive.” “Report truth. Take action.” Liar, liar. Grassfire’s pants are on fire! Get out of my life, Grassfire. Goodbye, forever!
  • gail bouverat
    commented 2021-01-06 00:59:13 -0500
    investigate this rigged election!
  • Tina Fox
    published this page in News 2021-01-05 18:59:38 -0500