Has America ever needed God's blessing more?

This is a difficult time for the United States and the world. The fear, confusion and uncertainty can feel overwhelming. That's exactly why Grassfire began selling our "God Bless America" yard signs a little early this year.

We don't usually offer them to team members until the weather starts getting a bit nicer across the country. Typically, that happens after Easter. But, other than September 11, 2001, we can't think of another time in history when America needed the Lord's blessing more than it does now.

Click here or on the image to order Grassfire's popular and patriotic "God Bless America" yard signs now.


Grassfire ships these pro-faith, pro-U.S.A. lawn displays ABSOLUTELY FREE. They're 26" x 16" and made of rugged, weather-resistant plastic. Discounts are available when you order more than one. 

Click here to "plant a flag of faith" outside your home, office, church or school by ordering one "God Bless America" yard sign for $30, two for $55 or three for $75.

Finally, if you missed yesterday's email about some of the spiritual aspects of this outbreak, please see below. And thank you, in advance, for your support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

Click here for more information from our previous update.


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  • Craig Pierson
    commented 2020-03-22 14:42:10 -0400
    Great article and I am in agreement with everything you stated. One item to add to your point about the H1N1 Virus in 2009 that killed over 18,000 Americans and infected 60M plus. The Obama administration did nothing until over 9,000 people were dead and only then did the government declare a State of Emergency. The fact of the matter is that Obama had to implement a financial plan to get this country on its feet again after the 2008 housing market crisis so he did nothing. Had he aggressively contained and protected our country’s citizens, the impact on our already weak economy would have buried us and he would have been a one-term president without question.

    This is truly overreaction and an attack on our democracy and a revealing awakening on the control media has on our population. The only way Trump can fight back is to be a leader and offer solutions to an over panicked society and keep the calm. That’s why media is attacking him any way they can including by saying he is giving a false sense of hope. Numbers don’t lie and as I see it, this viral pandemic as it is called is well contained in our country and we will most likely see a fraction of the number of those infected and die from COVID19 as compared to other virus pandemics of the past. The one aspect that is a positive will be that we begin restoring manufacturing in the USA and restore national pride. This will create jobs and begin a sense of hope from the working community. Of course, media will call this fascism at its finest and white supremacy will be something we begin to hear again. What we need is a remedy for Group Thinkers, Over Thinkers and let’s not forget our no thinker Millenials. Maybe this will be the one thing that begins the process of restoring belief in our Country again. Our Children have been taught otherwise for years and this needs to be fixed. I’m tired of fighting with my neighbor who actually believes China is the good guy in all of this. Let’s learn and wake up to reality. STAY CALM AND CARRY ON!