Just a few hours ago, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced that former acting-Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be the first witness in the Senate Judiciary Committee's "ObamaGate" investigation. FOX News reports:

The hearing, according to the committee, will be titled "Oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation: Day 1." ...

Graham said in a statement Wednesday ... "This will be the first in a series of oversight hearings regarding all things Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation."

Rosenstein is the first witness called to testify before the panel as part of its investigation, which Graham laid out the parameters for earlier this month. Graham noted that the committee will, among other things, look at "whether Robert Mueller should have ever been appointed as special counsel."

Rosenstein, in May 2017, appointed Mueller as special counsel.

Graham and his fellow Republicans want to know if Obama-era officials engaged in illegal activities related to the Mueller investigation, bogus FISA court applications and "Crossfire Hurricane," the counterintelligence investigation that allegedly spied on the Trump campaign and his transition team.

Last week, the chairman made "Subpoena Authorization" the #1 item on the committee meeting's agenda. One day after Rosenstein's expected testimony, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on subpoena authorization, which will allow Graham to call other witnesses to testify about ObamaGate.

The list of men and women that he wants to testify reads like a "Who's Who" of Obama's inner circle. For just $15, you can instantly fax every GOP Senator on the Judiciary Committee, as well as your two Senators, Representative and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Tell them to "Expose ObamaGate" by supporting the subpoena authorization. Click here or on the banner below to demand accountability by sending your personalized faxes now:

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Conservatives have been waiting for two years to get to the bottom of the highly partisan and utterly baseless Russia-hoax Witch Hunt against President Trump. Democrats are expected to strongly protest any subpoena's issued to former Obama administration officials. But Republicans MUST stand strong and united.

Fax Graham and his fellow GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee now. Urge them to hold Obama and his team accountable!

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. American patriots who support President Trump have less than a week to demand the Senate Judiciary Committee expose ObamaGate. Next week's, Senate Judiciary Committee meeting is crucial to the GOP exposing any "bad actors" in the previous administration who worked to undermine our current Commander-in-Chief. Please go here to fax now and demand the truth about the Russia-hoax Witch Hunt:



Rosenstein to testify as first witness in Senate Judiciary's Russia probe