On the first day of Joe Biden's failed presidency (January 20, 2021), Grassfire was surprisingly optimistic heading into America's "dark winter." Thankfully, less than 11 months later -- a year sooner than we anticipated -- our great nation is beginning to feel the "thaw." How did it happen?

Grassfire founder and president Steve Elliott wrote presciently about the Left's habit of overreaching on policy. It's been happening for almost a year now, and Mr. Biden's plunging poll numbers indicate the American people are tired of it.

Even though the border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, massive government spending and other socialist, Big Government initiatives had not fully materialized yet, Elliott wrote: "Thanks to Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, the Democrat party will drive itself so far out of the mainstream that its midterm losses could be historic in size."

Last night, the Virginia governor's race and the too-close-to-call New Jersey gubernatorial election gave the GOP a jump-start on that prediction. "America First" patriots can only hope yesterday was the beginning of the end for the "Great Reset," which Elliott said "won't work, because deep in the heart of the human soul is a thirst for liberty and a thirst for truth."

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