House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reportedly dropped the "f-bomb" on fellow Republicans who challenged his leadership earlier this week. POLITICO reports that his blow-up preceded tough talk about averting a possible government shutdown at the end of the month:

McCarthy is dialing up the pressure, telling his members during the closed-door meeting that once they return to Washington next week they won't leave until they've funded the government. "We're going to come back in next week and we're not going to leave until we get the job done," he told reporters after the meeting.

POLITICO also said conservative House members "have shrugged at the idea of a shutdown and continued pushing spending priorities." Apparently, that same group also "shrugged off" the Speakers tirade, insisting they don't want a repeat of the last spending fight, which the GOP lost -- again:

"I wish he would've been combative on this three months ago," said Rep. Keith Self (R-Texas).

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