Yesterday when asked by a reporter, Mitch McConnell REFUSED to even comment on the outrageous political raid by the FBI against President Trump. It took until the evening for Mitch to issue the weakest possible, two-sentence statement (see links at end of this message).

McConnell -- the GOP leader in the Senate -- betrayed the President and every patriotic American by not forcefully standing up against the GESTAPO tactics of Joe's FBI.

This is shameful! McConnell and every Republican elected official MUST SPEAK OUT IMMEDIATELY and totally condemn what Biden's FBI henchmen did in sending 30 FBI thugs to President Trump's house and conducting a massive search that included Melania's wardrobe and Trump's safe!

+ + EMERGENCY ACTION: Sign This Petition And Demand These Attacks Stop!

If you are outraged by the FBI attack on President Trump, then here are two things you can do:

ACTION #1 -- Take two minutes to sign this "Stop Attacks On Trump" national petition. Go here to sign right now:

Note: we must have 10,000 signatures to deliver petitions to McConnell and other leaders!

Action #2 -- Call Mitch's office and demand he speak out strongly!

McConnell needs to hear from you directly. He is the Minority Leader and he must represent you.

If you want to demand that Mitch speak out publicly and strongly against the FBI raid on President Trump, call one of his offices:

Every Republican... every American... must speak out and condemn the Gestapo tactics of Biden's FBI. 

Take action to Stop The Attacks On Trump. SIGN THE PETITION here.

For life, liberty and limited government,


P.S. This morning before 8AM, our VIPs received a special briefing on the Trump attacks that included TWO DOZEN resources. If you want to get our VIP Briefings, become a VIP today! Go here.