Dr. Anthony Fauci has been suckling at the government teat for 40 years. He's held on for so long that he's the highest-paid federal employee in America, serving as chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. Fauci has even created a fair amount of controversy along the way.

In 1983, he was wrong, initially, about how AIDS is transmitted. (Also, four decades later, there's still no AIDS vaccine.) A recent web article by the American Institute for Economic Research reports:

Although his speculative commentary had triggered a national media frenzy over unfounded fears of AIDS transmission through routine contact, Fauci himself emerged relatively unscathed from the episode. He did so by deploying an all-too-familiar tactic from his Covid-19 commentary: the political pivot, executed in front of a fawning news media.

In the late 1980s, Fauci reportedly refused to acknowledge the success doctors were having treating HIV/AIDS patients with the drug Bactrim. He's done the same thing recently with hydroxychloroquine, which many physicians insist is an effective treatment for the coronavirus. Some of Fauci's harshest critics claim that THOUSANDS have died as a result of his failure to promote those drugs.

+ + Has Dr. Anthony Fauci Been Wrong For 40 Years?

Over the past 15 months, Dr. Fauci has been wrong about the global coronavirus outbreak, too. Americans have watched "Dr. Television" (a nickname he received due to his many media appearances) flip-flop, backtrack and contradict himself on mask effectiveness, herd immunity, shutdowns and the theory that COVID-19 could be man made.

Recently, congressional Republicans have been pressing Fauci's role in the U.S. funding research at a lab in Wuhan, China -- using U.S. taxpayer money! That facility may be responsible for unleashing COVID-19 on the world. Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, BuzzFeed News acquired and published more than 3,200 pages of the doctor's emails that were written between January and June 2020.

Much of what has been brought to light over the past two days is leading many to call for Fauci to be investigated and removed as the head of the NIAID. Yesterday morning, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who is one of Fauci's chief detractors in Congress, posted on Twitter: "Told you" and #firefauci. In a follow-up tweet, Paul wrote: "Can't wait to see the media try to spin the Fauci FOIA emails."

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