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Joe's radical, far-left nominee for Federal Communications Commissioner is, quite possibly, the worst choice imaginable to "police" America's airwaves. In addition to being anti-free speech, anti-conservative and anti-Trump, Gigi Sohn also faces allegations that she tried to buy Senators' confirmation votes!

In her third confirmation hearing earlier this month, the Senate Commerce Committee's ranking member, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), asked her: "Do you believe it was poor judgment to give 12 separate political contributions to Democrat senators while your nomination was pending?"

The Washington Times reports Sohn made "thousands of dollars in campaign contributions" to some of the Senators on "the very committee weighing her nomination over the past 15 months":

Even by Washington's appallingly low ethical standards, Gigi Sohn gives "pay to play" a bad name — even though she would surely deny that was, for all practical purposes, what she was doing. ... Not only did she deny it represented poor judgment, Ms. Sohn, a leftist who has supported and worked with several radical activist groups, defended the donations as her right as "a citizen" to participate in politics.

Sohn would be a critical swing vote for Democrats at the FCC that could further silence conservative voices. If "America First" patriots want to ensure their First Amendment rights are not infringed by yet another partisan, politicized, federal agency, they MUST make their voices heard!

Take a stand now to "Protect Free Speech!" by instantly sending up to 20 faxes to every available Republican and Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee. For only $15, you can demand they vote "NO!" on Joe Biden's radical, far-left FCC nominee. Click here or on the banner below to reach key Republican and Democrat Senators now:

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Joe's FCC nominee has described herself as a George Soros-supported, "wingnut communist." Cruz calls Sohn "scary" because she exhibits "a willingness to abuse government power to go after and target those views you disagree with."

The Wall Street Journal says she holds an "apologetic animus to conservative views" and has "supported progressive attacks on law enforcement." A November WSJ editorial labeled Gigi Sohn "hyperpartisan"; insisted she "doesn't belong at the FCC"; and called her "uniquely dangerous and utterly unqualified." 

If you want Senators to vote "No!" on her nomination, click here to fax key lawmakers now and demand they "Protect Free Speech!" Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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