CNN reports that House Democrats wanted to hold an impeachment vote against President Trump by Thanksgiving. But now, votes "could slip closer to the end of the year." Here's what an unnamed Democrat told CNN about the end of the investigation:

"I think it's more like between Thanksgiving and Christmas. ... After that, it's a strategic decision about when to bring it to the floor."

If you think Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the rest of the anti-Trumpers in Congress aren't serious about this full-on coup against our Commander-in-Chief, you need to think again! Democrats are working hard to disenfranchise millions of American voters by nullifying a free and fair election. Also, CNN seems to be acting like the head cheerleader for the impeachment effort. Here's what the far-left, fake-news leader says:

The challenge facing Democrats: They want to conduct a thorough investigation, but prolonging the probe will continue to consume Washington -- and risks bumping into the presidential election season if proceedings drag into the new year.

So what if the secretive, closed-door, non-transparent "investigation" does "drag into the new year"? The impeachment inquiry is a joke and has been from the start! Also, the only "challenge facing Democrats" is selling this Witch Hunt to the American people.

Pelosi and her ilk have launched a coup against a president they can't defeat at the ballot box. Let's be honest. The Left, bolstered by the "mainstream media," is rushing toward impeachment hoping to kill Mr. Trump's chances of winning a second term.

If you DO NOT think Congress should impeach America's Commander-in-Chief, click here or on the "NO!" image below. If you DO think President Trump should be removed from office, click here or on the "YES!" image below.

CNN did manage to do something right in their reporting. They clearly lay out the Democrats impeachment plan for all to see:

When the investigation is done, the House committees are expected to write a report detailing their findings and recommendations, a highly sensitive document that would take time to draft since it could form the basis of articles of impeachment to be taken up by the House Judiciary Committee, according to multiple sources. If Democrats decide to go that route, then the Judiciary panel would vote on articles of impeachment, which would be followed by full House action.

Liberty-loving patriots who support the President MUST take action to "Fight The Coup!" against him. Please tell us if you support Democrat actions to remove Mr. Trump from office. Grassfire wants to know where our team members stand. Vote "NO!" or "YES!" for impeachment now, and make your voice heard!

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, we want to know what you think about overthrowing the results of a free and fair election. We invite you to take immediate action by sharing your thoughts about impeaching President Trump.



Democrats see impeachment proceedings taking longer than some initially expected (CNN)