Buried in the entire anti-Trump Witch Hunt saga has been this little-discussed fact...

The liberal media worked in collusion with very anti-Trump government officials to help create the climate of suspicion against the President in order to justify the Mueller Witch Hunt.

As investigative reporter John Solomon wrote, "Text messages show contacts between key FBI and DOJ players and The Washington Post, The Associated Press and The New York Times during the ramp-up to Mueller’s probe." Solomon adds that the media was...


"far too willing to be manipulated by players in a case that began as a political opposition research project funded by Clinton's campaign and led by a former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, who despised Trump."

We must get to the bottom of this! We must demand answers! And it's time for GOP Senators to also publicly expose the liberal media's willingness to be used by those inside the government who wanted to take President Trump down.

We are still short of our goal this week for faxes urging Sen. Graham to immediately begin hearings. If you are outraged by the cover up of the REAL COLLUSION STORY involving the liberal media, the Obama DOJ, the FBI and foreign operatives against President Trump, go here to send faxes now.

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Article by Solomon.

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