We now know in detail how Bruce Ohr created a "backdoor" for anti-Trump FBI officials to continue using Michael Steele's bogus intel against President Trump -- after the FBI officially "fired" Steele!

First, Ohr used his influence as a high ranking official in the Attorney General's office to get the bogus Steele dossier in front of the FBI. Here's how investigative journalist John Solomon's writing in The Hill explains what happened next:

When Steele got fired Nov. 1, 2016, by the FBI for leaking to the media, Ohr became a conduit for the bureau to keep getting information from Steele for months. Ohr met at least 12 times in late 2016 and 2017 with FBI agents to provide new intel from the British spy. In other words, Ohr transitioned from being a DOJ supervisor to a backdoor source for the FBI to receive information from a terminated source. 

It gets worse. Solomon explains that Ohr also funneled "research files" from his wife -- who was working for Fusion GPS which was on the Clinton campaign payroll -- to the FBI. And we know that at least some of that bogus anti-Trump information came from a Hillary Clinton close political ally in the Ukrainian government!

So WHO colluded with foreign governments to influence our election? As Solomon writes:

So, Bruce Ohr became a conduit of information not only for intelligence from Clinton’s British opposition-researcher but also from his wife’s curation of evidence from a Clinton foreign ally and Manafort enemy inside Ukraine. Talk about foreign influence in a U.S. election!

Sen. Lindsey Graham called this "systematic corruption at the highest level of the Department of Justice and the FBI against President Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton," and has pledged to get to the bottom of this entire Obama-Clinton conspiracy against President Trump.

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