URGENT: Full House vote for Speaker IMMINENT! If you support Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), click here to fax now!

It's "high noon" in the battle to elect a new Speaker of the House. Members of the "Lower Chamber" are meeting this hour and expected to vote soon on the latest GOP Representative who hopes to win the gavel.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) won last night's candidate vote after Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) withdrew from consideration. Just a few hours earlier, Emmer became the House GOP's third Speaker-designate over the past three weeks. In a speech made shortly after his nomination, Johnson sounded like the man for the job.

"Democracy is messy sometimes, but it is our system," he said. "This House Republican Majority is united. I'm honored to have the support of my colleagues, and what they understand about this is -- this is servant leadership. We're gonna to serve the people of this country. We're gonna restore their faith in this Congress, this institution of government. America is the last, best hope of man on the Earth. Abraham Lincoln said it. Ronald Reagan used to remind us all the time, and we're here to remind you of that again. We're gonna restore your trust in what we do here."

As we told you in this morning's update, Punchbowl News (and others) think today's vote could finally produce a new Speaker:

"Johnson stands a good chance of getting to 217. After former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, he may be the best positioned of any House Republican to do so. Johnson can lose only four votes, so this will be tough. But he can make it. Both House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, who failed in their own speaker bids, have offered support."


The choice for Speaker is crucial for two reasons. Republicans need to come together around new leadership quickly to address RUNAWAY GOVERNMENT SPENDING and JOE'S OPEN BORDERS. That's why the voice of grassroots Americans is so critical to see a servant leader like Johnson hold the gavel.

Over the past three weeks, America has witnessed the GOP's inter-party struggle over the next Speaker. Establishment RINOs want to block any pro-Trump Representative intent on enacting an "America First" agenda in the "Lower Chamber." But they may have met their match in Mike Johnson.

Please make your voice heard BEFORE today's vote. Tell key GOP Reps that you support the four-term Louisiana lawmaker as Speaker. Thank you, in advance, for taking immediate action by faxing key House Republicans now.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, the House is convening now and expected to vote for a new Speaker soon. Go here to show your support for Rep. Mike Johnson by faxing key Republicans in the "Lower Chamber" now:


Rep. Mike Johnson Elected New Speaker Nominee (C-SPAN)

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