Earlier this week, we told you about a FOX News Radio host's prediction that President Trump will be re-elected in a "lawn-slide." The number of Trump yard signs that he and his audience have seen posted in battleground states greatly outnumbers the President's opponent.

"The 'Biden-Harris' signs were running a distant third behind 'Trump-Pence' and 'Sweet Corn For Sale.'"

THIS WEEKEND, Grassfire is making it easy for you to help increase the "massive edge in signage" the President has over his Democrat challenger. As part of a "TRUMP 2020" blowout sale, we're offering HUUUGE discounts on our patriotic, exclusively designed yard signs.

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Including Steve Elliott's "Why Trump Will Win" analysis

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+ + "TRUMP 2020" Yard Signs From Sea To Shining Sea

Even Biden's supporters see the huge disparity in campaign enthusiasm. At a CNN "Presidential Town Hall" last month, a Pennsylvania woman told the former Vice President: "I look out over my Biden sign in my front yard, and I see a sea of Trump flags and yard signs."

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. The most important presidential election of our lifetimes is less than four weeks away. Take action to show your support for our Commander-in-Chief. If you want four more years of his "Make America Great Again" agenda, click here or on the banner below now to order deeply discounted "TRUMP 2020" yard signs with FREE Priority Mail shipping:


Trump is on pace to win 2020 election in a 'lawn-slide' (FOX News)