An Election Day Sermon for 2020 (video)

For generations, it was a tradition for American preachers to stand in the pulpit just prior to a major election and preach what were called an "Election Day Sermon."

The fires of the American Revolution were ignited by such sermons, and many of the great reforms in American history were fanned into flames from the pulpits of our nation.

On Friday, I listened to a remarkable "Election Day Sermon" for 2020 and I am sharing it with you. It was delivered by Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia. Below are links to watch and listen to this remarkable sermon.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

Watch The Video:

Video skipping some of the intro remarks:

Audio Podcast here:



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  • Laura Lourene Morris
    commented 2020-11-03 20:27:29 -0500
    Wonderful sermon. Truth spoken. Wake up America. Vote for your values.
  • Kathy Bullock
    commented 2020-11-01 22:30:05 -0500
    Be sure you watch this whole sermon, especially if you are thinking of voting for Biden, you need to read this wonderful faithful pastor!!
  • Marie Kedziora
    commented 2020-11-01 16:08:38 -0500
    Our American history is ‘Under God’. This is wonderful!! Please take the time to listen.
  • Phil Culp
    commented 2020-11-01 15:47:23 -0500
    What a very compelling and cogent argument for voting for President Trump in particular, and for the Republican party in general.
  • Colin Stitt
    commented 2020-11-01 15:01:26 -0500
    Absolutely loved your sermon. I would respectfully suggest you read my book A Nation Broken which I wrote in 2012 after living in the USA for almost 20 years. I have a FB page called Life Abundant where I post articles explaining truth from God’s word. Churches have not been teaching truth for long time. God bless you brother. Colin Stitt [email protected]
  • Bev Gissler
    commented 2020-11-01 13:44:33 -0500
    This is a very enlightening sermon. Anyone who says they are a Christian, really needs to hear all of it. Anyone who claims to love America and it’s values, needs to hear all of it. Anyone who truly believes you can separate church from state, needs to hear all of it. If you say you are any or all of these, I dare you to listen to all if it.