Sign The National Petition Demanding The Biden Regime "Make America Energy Independent Again!"

American energy independence ended under the failed policies of Joe Biden. In 2019, the U.S. produced more energy than we used for the first time in 62 years. Just three years later, the Biden regime has considered using oil from Iran, Venezuela and Russia to power our great nation.

Also, the radical, unhinged Left's response to skyrocketing gas prices has been ridiculous. The cultists of climate change want Americans who can't afford $5-per-gallon gasoline to purchase $50,000 electric vehicles -- that REQUIRE FOSSIL FUELS to charge!

+ + Tell The Biden Regime: "Stop Waging War On U.S. Oil!"

You can call on Republicans in the House and Senate to take immediate action and demand Joe Biden "Stop Waging War On U.S. Oil!" If you want the Biden regime to allow the U.S. to drill here and drill now, make your voice heard. Sign the national petition to "Make America Energy Independent Again!" and Grassfire will deliver your petition to GOP leaders on Capitol Hill when we reach 20,000 signatures.

Petition: I Demand Joe Biden Stop Waging "War" On U.S. Oil!

Joe Biden's war against American energy independence MUST END! Even before being installed as president, Mr. Biden promised to "end fossil fuel." His regime's "America Last" policies have sent gas prices skyrocketing by intentionally DECREASING United States oil production and INCREASING our great nation's reliance on foreign oil. That policy -- not "greedy" oil executives, COVID or Vladimir Putin -- has sent gas prices soaring at the expense of the U.S. economy and hard-working American taxpayers. So, I'm signing this petition to call on Republicans in the House and Senate to demand Joe Biden: "Make America Energy Independent Again!"

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