ON WEDNESDAY, the Democrats will execute their TRAP to catch President Trump.

Robert Mueller is being called to testify before two very important House committees -- the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. Democrats are out for blood. Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler has pledged to bring forth "very substantial evidence" against the President as Democrats make what AP calls "a public case for impeachment."

But this also gives Republicans -- if they have the courage -- the opportunity to ask very important questions of Mueller as well. Most importantly, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LAUNCHING THIS OUTRAGEOUS WITCH HUNT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

What did the Obama Administration know, and when did they know it? What role did the Obama FBI play in funding and fueling this Witch Hunt? And what will be done regarding the direct links to the Clinton campaign and the DNC? WE DESERVE ANSWERS TO THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS!

++Urgent Action: Fax Now And Demand Questions On The Witch Hunt

With the hearings just two days away, Grassfire has set up a FaxFire so you can call on GOP members of these committees to ask the tough questions about WHO WAS BEHIND THE WITCH HUNT!  Simply go here to select the fax targets of your choosing and get your message delivered right now:

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+ + Must hold Mueller and Democrats accountable

For two years, Robert Mueller effectively held the Trump Administration hostage with a seemingly endless series of investigations. And even though Mueller concluded that there was NO COLLUSION, Democrats refuse to end the witch hunt that appears to have been launched by Obama and Clinton loyalists as their emergency plan in the unlikely event Trump got elected. 

And what about the Clinton-Russia-Steele dossier connection -- the real collusion story? It's time for Mueller to face REAL QUESTIONS on the genesis of the witch hunt.

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For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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Tina Fox


Project Manager at Grassroots Action