It appears the video of PA state Rep. Brian Sims bullying pro-life teens that we sent yesterday has been removed from Sims' Facebook page (we don't know if Sims removed it or if FB did). You can view the video here or here

New video even more harassing...
Sims has already doubled down, posting a second video in which he goes after a person he calls an "old white lady." In this video, Sims berates and shames this women. You can watch Sims' new video here (or click on the image). Here's just a short sample of what Sims said during this 8+ minute video:

"Shame, shame, shame on you. There's no faith that tells you you are right and everybody else is wrong.... This is disgusting, this is wrong, this is shameful."

(A few minutes later)

"We can talk about your Christian faith, about how your Christian faith believes in shaming people. About how your Christian faith believes in telling people that you know what's right for other people's bodies... for their families. Shame on you! Shame on you!..."

(And then this..)

"You have no business being out here....There's nothing Christian about what you are doingl There's nothing loving. There's nothing kind. This is a racist act of judgment and you have no business being out here shaming people for doing something they have the right to do. An old white lady telling people what's right for their bodies."

With Sims doubling down, pro-lifers are organizing a rally outside the same Planned Parenthood clinic and are inviting citizens to join with them. We want to deliver petitions to Sims as a show of support for those pro-life teens and the unborn. It's time to rise up and demand an end to infanticide.

If you are outraged by the intolerance of pro-abortion activists like Sims, go here to sign the petition to END ABORTION NOW.

The far-Left is so afraid of the possibility President Trump could appoint another pro-life Supreme Court Justice that they're exposing their "culture of death" for the entire nation to see. New York politicans boast about a new law that legalizes infanticide, and a state Rep. in Pennsylvania openly mocks and ridicules pro-life teens. They're so unhinged about the possibility of "Roe v. Wade," the 1973 decision that "legalized" abortion, being overturned that barbarism and hysteria have replaced empathy and reason.

EVERY baby deserves the right to be born and to receive the help he or she needs to survive. In the aftermath of the far-Left's efforts to pass laws allowing abortion until just before birth, Grassfire invites you to click here to sign the national "End Abortion In America" petition.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team