Right now, there are "two" Americas. Our "United" States are divided by politicians in Washington, D.C. and polarized by Big Tech and FAKE NEWS like never before.

One America is made up of people who HATE this country, DESPISE our founding principles, and want to transform our great nation into the "woke" image of the Global Reset crowd. The other consists of patriots -- like you -- who LOVE the United States, BELIEVE in our founding principles, and are getting back to work to SAVE AMERICA in this time of crisis.

Every day, Grassfire and LibertyNEWS chronicle the ongoing struggle for the soul of our nation. We continue to REPORT TRUTH that empowers our team members to TAKE ACTION and expand their impact.

Our goal is to keep you on the forefront of the issues of our day -- give you the inside scoop on issues long before others will report. It happened again last week when the LameStream media finally gave credence to the mounting evidence to the COVID lab-origin theory -- a topic Grassfire was addressing more than a YEAR AGO!

We're one of the largest and most active networks of patriotic, grassroots Americans in the entire conservative movement. Grassfire is uniquely positioned to reach and empower hundreds of thousands of team members to stand for life, liberty and limited government.

With a massive email "footprint" of conservatives, we can rally a virtual army of "America First" citizens through email, social media and the internet in just a few hours. This is especially important right now because EMAIL IS ONE OF THE FEW AVENUES OF ONLINE COMMUNICATION the Silicon Valley Overlords can't easily censor and silence!

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We urgently need your help to counter the lies of radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left, the "woke" mob and their corrupt partners -- Big Tech and FAKE NEWS. Grassfire ended the month of May more than $7,000 short of our budget goal. Support from friends like you is critical to amplifying the voices of American patriots in Washington, D.C. and beyond.

+ + Our gifts to you...

When you help us fight for America with a contribution of $30 or more, we'll send you two of our newest ReStickers. They both express the battle we're in right now: "SAVE AMERICA" and "1776."

Why "1776"?? Because the Radical Leftist Resetters HATE 1776 because it represents our nation's founding, which they say is tragically flawed. Instead, they want to cast all of American history around the year 1619 -- when the first slaves were brought to this land. They reject 1776 and the ideals of liberty and limited government as the organizing principles that founded our nation.

The battle between 1619 and 1776 typifies the ideological battle between those who hate this nation's founding principles and those who love America. Here at Grassfire, we strongly believe in America! We stand for our nation's founding. We celebrate 1776! What better time to proclaim our support for 1776 than right now! Click here to help Grassfire fight to save America.

+ + America is worth fighting for!

Every day, our team at Grassfire goes to battle for America. We fight to get the truth out to you. We stand against the rising tide that wants to destroy this great nation. But to keep up this work, to keep fighting for America, and to keep building web infrastructure that rivals and surpasses Twitter, Facebook and other left-leaning social media sites, we urgently need your help!

Grassfire doesn't have deep-pocketed donors, wealthy "benefactors" or "angel investors" underwriting our grassroots efforts. That's why the generosity of our team members is so crucial to fulfilling our God-inspired mission: REPORT TRUTH and empower you to TAKE ACTION!

Again, we ended the month of May more than $7,000 short of our budget goal. We need your help to start June on the best financial footing possible -- so we can fight for America! Click here to support our grassroots efforts. And thanks, in advance, for standing with us today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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