In his first nine days in the Oval Office, Joe Biden had signed 42 executive actions, which included 24 executive orders. PJ Media reports that America's "Commander-in-Thief" is on pace to sign more executive orders in one month than other modern presidents averaged in a entire year. Here's their annual breakdown:

  • Trump — 55
  • Obama — 35
  • Bush — 36
  • Clinton — 46
  • Bush — 42
  • Reagan — 48

Mr. Biden is on pace to rival (or even surpass) the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who averaged 80 executive orders per year during his four years in office. But he has a ways to go to catch another fellow Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, who's 307 executive orders per year are far and away the most of any U.S. president. History should remind us how their leadership was pivotal in "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" -- Barack Obama's stated goal.

This eagerness to use executive orders to enact an extreme, far-left agenda is alarming and surprising. Why? Because during his campaign, Mr. Biden said that strategy was the hallmark of dictators. Here's a quote from an ABC News town hall on October 15, 2020:

"I have this strange notion. We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say: 'Well, if you can't get the votes, by executive order, you're gonna do something -- things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. We're a democracy. We need consensus."

So what changed? Has Mr. Biden become what he protested against so vehemently less than four months ago: a dictator?

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