Apparently, the radical, unhinged Left has no bottom when it comes to persecuting President Trump. The latest politically charged attack against America's 45th Commander-in-Chief could actually fulfill the fantasy that godless Communists and the woke mob have dreamed of for years.

They're determined to do whatever it takes to see Mr. Trump handcuffed and "perp walked" into a police station, court or jail! Their blood lust toward him is ridiculous and sickening.

That being said, President Trump may NOT be arrested tomorrow, as he predicted this weekend. Apparently, New York City's Soros-backed district attorney will wait to give the radical, unhinged Left's "shrieking hoards" what they really want. President Trump shared on Truth Social Saturday that:


But "45" posted on Truth Social yesterday, that "a highly respected lawyer" will testify before the grand jury in New York City this afternoon. Mr. Trump added, "THE INFORMATION HE WILL PRESENT WILL SUPPOSEDLY BE CONCLUSIVE AND IRREFUTABLE! WITCH HUNT!!!"

Obviously, this legal drama and political persecution is still unfolding. In response to shocking and outrageous news that President Trump could be arrested, Grassfire has updated and re-launched an EMERGENCY FaxFire on Saturday. Click here or on the banner below to take immediate action and demand Congress "Stop Attacks on Trump!" now:

The indictment against him is expected to be for a misdemeanor offense. Yet, New York City's district attorney is pursuing a case against "45" more vigorously than he does some violent offenses. This continuous persecution inside America's two-tiered "justice" system must end!

President Trump has called on "America First" patriots to "PROTEST" this latest witch hunt against him. Stand with "45" by clicking here to fax Congress now. Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action this morning. Fax Senators and Reps now to demand they "Stop Attacks on Trump!"

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. We're empowering our team members to INSTANTLY make their voices heard to fight the ongoing political persecution of President Donald J. Trump. See Saturday's update to learn more. Or go here to demand GOP Senators and Reps take IMMEDIATE ACTION to "Stop Attacks on Trump!":

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Saturday afternoon:


The news is as SHOCKING as it is OUTRAGEOUS and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. President Trump announced on his TRUTH social media account today that he's going to be arrested and processed at a New York City police station on Tuesday.

A George-Soros-backed district attorney in the "Big Apple" -- who's known for refusing to pursue felonies -- plans to slap America's 45th president with a misdemeanor indictment over alleged hush-money payments occuring before Mr. Trump became Commander-in-Chief.

In August, most Americans thought the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago was the most outrageous political attack by an administration against an opponent. But it pales in comparison to subjecting a former President to a handcuffed "perp walk" in New York City.

But that's what could happen THIS WEEK unless We the People take IMMEDIATE ACTION! Make your voice heard to stop this latest Trump attack by faxing Republicans in Congress now!

+ + URGENT: Fax Congress To Demand These Attacks Stop!

Grassfire has re-launched a special congressional FaxFire, demanding Senators and Representatives take action to stop this latest attack on President Trump. These politically motivated witch hunts have gone on far too long and MUST END -- the Russia hoax, two failed impeachments, the classified documents "scandal," January 6 and now this!

We're calling on every Grassfire team member to take two minutes to schedule their "Stop Attacks On Trump" faxes to GOP Senators and Reps. Go here to send your personalized faxes now:

Again, we created this FaxFire for "America First" patriots who want to take immediate action to stop these outrageous attacks against President Trump. Clearly this pending indictment and threat of arrest are politically motivated, targeting the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

It's clear that a misdemeanor charge, such as the one being reported, is designed to destroy President Trump and keep him from running for president again. You can take action to "Stop The Attacks On Trump!" by clicking here to fax Congress now. Thanks, in advance, for making your voice heard.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. President Trump is calling for protests in anticipation of his arrest. "America First" patriots MUST make their voices heard to stop these malicious, smearing, politically motivated witch hunts against our 45th president. Click here to take immediate action to "Stop Attacks on Trump!" by going here to fax GOP Senators and Reps now: