Grassfire compiled the results of last week's "IMPEACH?" QuickPoll today. The results are so overwhelmingly one-sided that we didn't want to wait until tomorrow to send them to you.

Of the more than 15,000 team members who voted, 98% said they do NOT want President Trump impeached. That's a much stronger show of support than "mainstream media" polls that claim only 70% to 80% don't want to see America's Commander-in-Chief removed from office.

Thanks to everyone who voted in Grassfire's "IMPEACH?" QuickPoll. If you want to take further action to support the President, click here now to instantly send your I SAY "NO" TO IMPEACHMENT faxes to congressional offices on Capitol Hill. Or see our earlier email here to learn about Democrat efforts to work "expeditiously" to impeach Mr. Trump. --Grassfire