On Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on FOX Business Network and confirmed Grassfire's reporting about Joe Biden's latest SPENDING SCAM. He criticized members of the GOP for "the lie that Republicans really are fiscally conservative. ... Not one of them up here gives a darn about the debt."

Paul also blasted his fellow lawmakers over the $1.7-BILLION spending bill that Congress is expected to vote on next week. "The omnibus will be 3,000 pages," he predicted. "We'll get it two hours before they want to pass it. No one will read it." The Kentucky Senator also added:

"It would take 41 votes. Forty-one votes would stop the big spending. If 41, one of us said no and held our ground until there was a compromise, we could force Democrats to reduce spending. We have completely and totally abdicated the power of the purse. Republicans are emasculated. They have no power, and they are unwilling to gain that power back."

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Grassfire agrees 100%. That's why, in the face of yet another pending cave by spineless, weak-kneed, Uni-Party RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), Grassfire is empowering "America First" patriots, like you, to make their voices heard. Take action BEFORE the Senate votes on this new SPENDING SCAM. Fax now!

Utilize our unique FaxFire system to instantly reach up to 41 Senators now. That's the EXACT number Sen. Rand Paul says is needed to reject this SPENDING SCAM. Demand those key lawmakers vote "NO!" on financing Joe Biden's failure for nine more months!

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+ + Crucial Senate Votes Imminent!

One of our Capitol Hill contacts says votes on Joe Biden's $1.7-BILLION SPENDING SCAM are likely to wrap up just in time for Christmas. The earliest the House is expected to meet is Wednesday, December 21 and "will stay in session until the Omnibus is completed." According to Roll Call, lawmakers are expected to "unveil" their "sprawling omnibus package" on Monday afternoon for first votes in the Senate by midweek.

Merry Christmas, America! The Biden Regime, Democrats and Uni-Party RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) will soon have a $1.7-BILLION lump of coal ready for American taxpayers to choke on in the New Year. Click here to fax up to 41 Senators for $30 now!

This SPENDING SCAM could rightly be called "The Nightmare Before Christmas!" The backroom, dirty-deal omnibus package will finance the Biden Regime's "America Last" agenda for nine more months -- through the current fiscal year, ending on September 30, 2023. But a new, GOP-controlled House will be seated in 16 days! Why should ANY Republican support Joe Biden's SPENDING SCAM?

Shouldn't the 118th Congress, which convenes on January 3, 2023, have the right to set America's spending priorities immediately? Why force them to wait nine months to start fixing the two years of damage done to America by the radical, far-left Biden Regime?

Also, if Congress can pass a week-long continuing resolution (CR) to avert a government shutdown, like they did yesterday, why isn't the GOP pushing for a month-long spending bill instead? Why not fund the government ONLY until Republicans take control of the House in less than three weeks?

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Because your action today is so critical, our LEVEL ONE fax option is only $10. Grassfire is empowering team members to instantly reach NINE Senate RINOs -- who voted with Democrats earlier this month on the horribly misnamed "Respect For Marriage Act" -- and "moderate," swing-vote Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Utilize LEVEL THREE of this exclusive FaxFire to reach EVERY Senator with a working fax number (up to 85 total) for $50. RINOs are so afraid of FAKE NEWS and the Woke Mob that they refuse to stand up to the Biden Regime and stop ANOTHER massive SPENDING SCAM. Click here to fax Senators now.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action this weekend to defend life, liberty and limited government.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. It happens all the time. The Uni-Party "elite" will schedule middle-of-the-night votes to pass their "America Last" agenda. Then, Democrats and RINOs will flee D.C. for Christmas, while grinning and patting themselves on the back for sticking it to American taxpayers AGAIN! Fight back against this "lame duck" Congress and their dirty, backroom deal to fund the failed, tyrannical Biden Regime FOR THE NEXT NINE MONTHS! Go here to send your "Stop The Spending Scam!" faxes to Senators now for a little as $10:

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