America is in crisis. We've lost our way. And the journey back to restoring this great nation begins when we as Americans take hold of our BIRTHRIGHT — the true history of our great nation and the true source of our liberties.

To help the "land of the free and home of the brave" thrive once again, Grassfire has created a SEVEN-DAY AMERICA'S BIRTHRIGHT series -- the story of our nation's founding documents and your BIRTHRIGHT as an American that the woke leftists don't want you to know!

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+ + "How come they never taught this in school?"

This seven-day series will shock your system. It will seem impossible, implausible — almost as if America’s Birthright is a fictional account of some distant land you've never heard of.

It was a shock to my system as well when I first heard these truths that helped peel back the layers of indoctrination I had received in the secular system. The myth of Secular America, which has been promulgated so successfully to me and millions of Americans, was suddenly confronted by the true heritage of our founding documents. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to the true source of our nation’s birthright.

Could it actually be that our Declaration of Independence was a carefully crafted legal appeal for divine help? How could I never have seen the blatant and intentional references that built our new nation upon a distinctly biblical footing?

Grassfire's series, "America's Birthright" settles the question of a "secular" America and re-establishes the biblical, historical and constitutional grounds of our liberties -- the liberties we must recover in our day today.

I hope you will join me and thousands of patriotic Americans on this FREE, seven-day journey into rediscovering "America's Birthright"!

For life, liberty, and limited government,

Steve Elliott, President

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