President Trump just WON the midterms...

Don't believe the liberal lies and the efforts to pin a "defeat" on our Commander-in-Chief.

It's not true. Not at all.

+ + No Blue Wave...

First of all, there simply was NO BLUE WAVE as had been long projected by the media. None at all. In fact, a case can be made that Mr. Trump actually was the key difference in preventing a blue wave from happening. Look at where the President campaigned in the final days of the campaign:

  • Florida (two visits)-- Big wins in the Senate and governor's race that defied all polling
  • Missouri (two visits)-- GOP Senate gain
  • Indiana (two visits) -- Another BIG GOP Senate win
  • Georgia -- another big GOP Senate win
  • Tennessee -- Marsha Blackburn defeated the Democrat (and Taylor Swift)
  • Texas -- Critical victory for Sen. Ted Cruz against an opponent who raised more than $100 million

In all, as many as 8 of 11 candidates the President campaigned with during the final week won. And the Senate gains of two or three seats are historically large. By comparison, over the previous EIGHT DECADES, the sitting president's party added a TOTAL of just eight Senate seats.

+ + Trump CRUSHED Obama and Clinton

Second, the Democrats' gains in the House actually fell far short of recent trends for a sitting president's first midterm election. Consider this:

  • 63 House seats lost by Democrats in Obama's first midterm election
  • 54 House seats lost by Democrats in Clinton's first midterm
  • Estimated 28 to 32 House seats lost by Republicans in Trump's first midterm

Plus, this was a climate in which Republicans had a disproportionate number of Representatives retiring. So this president fared FAR BETTER than either Clinton or Obama. And it can be argued that Mr. Trump was the key difference in the Senate races that secured and expanded the GOP majority in the "Upper Chamber" by virtue of his unparalleled on-the-ground campaign abilities. Where the President went head-to-head with Obama on the campaign trail, Trump won.

Also, several key governors races went to Republicans, including states that are critical to the 2020 presidential race: Florida, Georgia, Iowa and Ohio.

Finally, it could be argued that the political climate now actually sets up better for President Trump's re-election and for Republicans in general. Although no one wanted to lose the House and deal with two years of Speaker Pelosi, along with endless investigations and witch hunts, the Democrats will certainly do what they always do: jump the shark and overreach. This will further ignite the grassroots base and provide a clear contrast between the Democrats' vision and the "Make America Great" agenda.

+ + Trench political warfare coming

Of course, it's not all good news. Nancy Pelosi could well become Speaker of the House. And if not her, the younger, more radical and socialistic core of the new Democrat party will take over. That means the next two years will result in the most vicious attacks against President Trump and the pro-America agenda that we have seen. The months to come will not be about policy. This will be trench political warfare against the President -- endless investigations and attacks designed to create a "cloud" of impeachment.

That means our work is just beginning! The role of grassroots citizens, like the hundreds of thousands in the Grassfire network, will be critical in pushing back against the "Unhinged Left."

{{ recipient.first_name_or_friend }}, I'm asking for your help.

Grassfire remains on the leading edge of pro-America grassroots action. Our team members flooded Congress with tens of thousands of citizen actions supporting Justice Kavanaugh. Grassfire team members GOT OUT THE VOTE this week and made a key difference for liberty.

Now, we need your help to EXPAND this grassroots network and fight Pelosi's anti-Trump, anti-America agenda.

Will you join with me in building Grassfire so we can equip pro-America citizens to push back against this new wave of attacks from "Speaker" Pelosi and an emboldened anti-Trump left? Go here to make your donation.


Thanks in advance!

Steve Elliott


Steve Elliott is the co-founder of Grassfire, a 1.5 million member liberty-based citizen network. Steve likes to talk about politics, tech, faith and family.