Mitch and the Senate RINOs want control of the House as well! This is outrageous. See below. --Grassfire

Mitch McConnell is directly going against House Speaker Johnson and OPENLY LOBBYING for the House to pass Mitch's Border SELLOUT Ukraine funding bill.

Here's what Mitch said (source: Punchbowl News):

“The only way to get relief to the Ukrainians and the Israelis quickly is for the House to figure out how to pass the Senate bill. Anything that’s changed and sent back here — as you all know, even the simplest thing can take a week in the Senate.... We don’t have time for all of this.... Give members of the House of Representatives an opportunity to vote on it. That’s the solution.”

Translation: Mitch just told Speaker Johnson to pass his Border SELLOUT without any amendments or debate -- just take it to the floor and do the UniParty's bidding!

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The RINOs in the Senate are not satified with controlling the Senate -- they want control of the House as well to pass their Border SELLOUT!

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