I've never seen anything like it...

The Anti-Trump, Pro-Biden CABAL is openly lying about the election, and they don't care.

It's actually WORSE than lying...

+ + How Biden is "Gaslighting" America...

Since TEAM BIDEN has the liberal media and all of Silicon Valley in their back pocket, the former vice president doesn't even have to lie. He just LAUGHS at anyone who dares to even ask a question about the Biden Crime Family scandal that the New York Post blew open last week.

It happened the other day. A member of the media tried to ask Democrat presidential candidate about his son Hunter's emails, and Biden broke out into full "belly" laughter as he walked away! 

The media plays along. They actually joined in the laughter and won't stop calling the mountains of evidence linking Joe to the Biden Crime Family syndicate "just another Russian conspiracy" despite the fact that the Director of National Intelligence dismissed any Russia connection.

And note that Biden has not denied the reality of the evidence taken from Hunter's laptop. They don't need to. ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS "GASLIGHT" THE ENTIRE NATION for 13 more days and they win!

"Gaslighting" is a psychological technique in which a person in power uses manipulation to cause others to question their own fundamental grasp of reality. In this case, despite the mountains of evidence from Hunter Biden's laptop, his signature on the work order, and corroboration from third-party sources, TEAM BIDEN and the media simply "gaslight" the entire episode as if the evidence doesn't even exist!


Gaslighting is always dangerous, but right now the stakes couldn't be higher...

THE FATE OF OUR NATION WILL BE DECIDED IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AND, AS A RESULT OF NON-STOP GASLIGHTING, TEAM BIDEN'S DECEPTION STRATEGY is on the verge of winning the day! If they prevail, radical Marxists will control the government AND the media AND social media -- giving them unrestrained power over our lives.

That's why I'm coming to you today.

Grassfire has been reporting the TRUTH on all the Left's "gaslighting" for months. We've produced more content in the past several months than at any time in our history. Our team has been ON TOP of all the key issues, with at least daily updates and action items. Plus, I personally have been producing an almost-daily VIDEO BRIEFINGS for our VIPs, as well a daily digest report with dozens of news links the liberal media is ignoring. (Go here to see my most recent VIP Video Briefing as a sample.)

+ + Grassfire was CREATED for this fight!

We have one of the largest email networks in the entire conservative movement, and this is especially important right now because EMAIL IS ONE OF THE FEW AVENUES OF ONLINE COMMUNICATION the Silicon Valley Overlords cannot easily censor and silence! Grassfire's influence and impact has never been more vital. In all, we've been getting the message out to about a MILLION people every day.

YET, I FEEL WE MUST DO MORE -- especially during this final countdown to November 3!

I want to reach hundreds of thousands of liberty-loving citizens -- especially in the key battleground states -- with the TRUTH that will break through the gaslighting and lies and deceptions.

Because we have such a large "footprint" in email, web and social media, Grassfire is in a unique position to EXPAND that footprint -- if we had the resources to make it happen.

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Can I count on your help?

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Thanks in advance, and God bless you!

For life, liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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