When November 08, 2022 at 8:00am

Join thousands who are saying, "YES! I Will Vote Red"

America's national and cultural identity is under assault, leaving our very survival in doubt. That's why Grassfire -- America's truly independent patriot conservative network -- has created this SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED rally pointWe must Vote Red to secure our borders, stop runaway inflation, and make our streets and schools safe again for our kids. 

Say "YES" and let us know how many friends you can reach...

Simply click on the YES button below to say "I'm Voting Red" and estimate how many people you can reach through personal contacts, email and social media! Add up all the following:

  1. Count all your friends you can contact personally (typically 5-10)
  2. Add friends you can email (typically 10-20)
  3. Add 10 for each time you can post "VOTE RED" on social media

(ON AVERAGE, we believe each citizen can reach at least 45 PEOPLE --  5 friends in person, 10 through email and 30 through social media posting.) Perhaps you can do more!

Click YES to say "I WILL VOTE RED" and spread the word to family and friends

Will you VOTE RED?