The U.S. Secret Service investigation into who left a bag of cocaine in the White House, apparently, isn't making much progress. As a result, Joe's White House is being accused of a cover-up.

American Greatness reports that a lack of updates on the case from Joe's administration AND the Secret Service has led to a "growing skepticism regarding the trustworthiness" of the investigation. But according to an article published by the conservative media group's website yesterday:

"The Secret Service will be briefing Congress on Thursday, after House Oversight Chairman James Comer Comer fired off a letter to USSS Director Kimberly Cheatle demanding to be briefed on the White House security failures that led to the 'unacceptable and shameful' discovery of cocaine in the West Wing."

Another GOP lawmaker who has been pressing for answers since the scandal broke is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). In a letter to the Secret Service director on July 5, he demanded the names of everyone who can enter the White House without a security screening. Cotton also wanted to know:

"If the White House complex is not secure, Congress needs to know the details, as well as your plan to correct any flaws."

The Republican Senator posted the letter on Twitter exactly one week ago with the caption: "Congress and the American people deserve to know how cocaine got into the White House." If you agree, Grassfire wants to empower you to take action using our unique FaxFire system.

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Grassfire called the House Oversight Committee and the offices of Rep. Comer and Sen. Cotton earlier today, hoping to learn the details of when, where and who the Secret Service will update tomorrow. All we could find out so far is that it's a "staff-level briefing" and not a full hearing.

We've reached out to our other contacts on Capitol Hill in hopes of sharing more (and better) information in our morning update. Until then, Grassfire is empowering team members to instantly fax key lawmakers now to demand GOP lawmakers "Expose The 'Cocaine Cover-Up'!"

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