As I write, the Senate GOP is locked in a BACKROOM BRAWL between the Mitch-RINOs and Pro-America conservatives.

It's all about yesterday's legislative slight of hand when, just moments after the Senate rejected the RINO Border SELLOUT, Chuck Schumer immediately released a massive spending bill to borrow another $60 billion to fund the Joe Biden-Deep State proxy war in Ukraine 

It was literally moments after the Border SELLOUT vote was finished that Schumer put the proxy war debt bill on the Senate floor!

As we shared with you yesterday, it is now clear that this was the Mitch-RINO-Schumer-Left "Plan A" all along (see below). THIS IS WHAT MITCH AND THE RINOS AND SCHUMER AND THE LEFT WANTED!

Which brings us to today...

At last check, the GOP Senate conference was behind closed doors deciding whether to go with the RINOs and push through the massive, debt-exploding proxy war bill or to stop this assault on our nation.


This is YOUR MONEY that they are spending and borrowing from YOUR grandchildren. YOU should have a voice.

If you OPPOSE our government borrowing $60 billion more to fund theBiden-Deep State proxy war in Ukraine, then go here to let 15 GOP RINOs know where you stand:


Call your two Senators NOW: 202-224-3121.

Again, this was their plan all along (see below).

The Border SELLOUT was just an added bonus.

If you are OK with Congress borrowing tens of billions MORE on Joe's proxy war, then do nothing.

Otherwise, take action!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

We now know this was the Left-RINO "PLAN A" ALL ALONG!

  • Last fall, the Left-RINO cabal pushed a massive Ukraine funding bill;
  • Republicans said "NO WAY" unless the border was secured;
  • The Left-RINO cabal worked for months behind closed doors to "bait" the GOP with a terrible "border" bill that was a total outrage to Americans;
  • Immediately after their border debacle was rejected, the Left-RINO cabal "switched" to funding their Ukraine proxy war... all with borrowed money that YOUR GRANDCHILDREN will be forced to pay.