URGENT: Final hours of Trump "Keep Fighting?" poll

Members of the Electoral College met across the country yesterday to cast their vote for president. As expected, Joe Biden crossed the critical 270 vote threshold, so FAKE NEWS is saying he's "officially" the president-elect.

But yesterday was only a precursor for when Congress votes to certify those results on January 6, 2021, and the presidential inauguration isn't until two weeks later. So, nothing is really "official" until next year, which means there's still time to STOP THE STEAL!

President Trump is still fighting. Early this morning, he tweeted: "This Fake Election can no longer stand. Get moving Republicans." Do you agree?

Should America's Commander-in-Chief keep pushing the GOP to expose the voter fraud and violations of election law in several states? Or should he finally give up and concede?

Grassfire wants to know what you think. Please make your voice heard now in our "Keep Fighting?" QuickPoll. We've been asking our team members to vote since Saturday, and the response has been overwhelming!

But with President Trump's call for Republicans to "get moving," we want to rush the results of the "Keep Fighting?" QuickPoll to the offices of House and Senate leaders TODAY! Grassfire is, literally, in the FINAL HOURS of this poll. You only have until close of business today to cast your vote.

So, if you think the President needs to keep fighting to STOP THE STEAL, click here or on the "YES!" image below. If you think it's time for Mr. Trump to concede and give victory to Joe Biden, click here or on the "NO!" image below.


Your response today will help shape Grassfire's future messaging on this important issue. So thanks, in advance, for taking action via our "Keep Fighting?" QuickPoll today. We'll share final results tomorrow.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Our QuickPolls are not scientific and are not meant to endorse a specific candidate or position. Grassfire polls are for informational purposes only.

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  • Charles Rice
    commented 2021-01-05 15:54:49 -0500
    If the President lost fair and square then I believe that he should gracefully go back into private life and fight from the sidelines, BUT I am not at all sure that he did lose fair and square. There seems to be adequate evidence that massive fraud was committed in National Election. At the very least, anyone found guilty of manipulation of votes should be fired from public office and barred from barred from public office for at least a significant time period. We no longer live in a free country if ineligible voters are allowed to vote, eligible voters are coerced into voting against their will, voters are allowed to vote more than once, deceased persons cast votes, legal ballots are thrown out. or legal ballots are changed by humans or machines.
    Heaven help us if the executive branch and both houses of the legislature are controlled by the radical left.
  • rabase rabase
    commented 2020-12-20 16:47:42 -0500
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  • Richard M Blake
    commented 2020-12-19 10:36:54 -0500
    Very disappointed with Mitch McConnell and other republicans that are more concerned about their own interests than doing their job. President
    Trump deserves your undivided support! Do your job or you won’t have one.
  • Frank Wagner
    commented 2020-12-15 22:10:27 -0500
    Never give up this great country need you to keep draining the swamp, that’s why they want you out.
  • Jerry Grooters
    commented 2020-12-15 10:43:23 -0500
    Keep Fighting !
  • Linda Mackety
    commented 2020-12-15 10:33:16 -0500
    He is fighting for the future of our Nation, indeed, the “free” world. We cannot give up! God is in control but He expects us to do our part.