A group of 166 "Uniparty All-Stars" stood with Joe and his fellow Democrats to pass their dirty, debt-deal debacle. These House and Senate RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) SOLD OUT America -- AGAIN -- ensure the horribly misnamed "Fiscal Responsibility Act" became law.

This RIGGED LEGISLATIVE OUTCOME was made possible by the D.C. UNIPARTY. How else can you explain the GOP-controlled House passing ANY legislation with more Democrat votes than Republican ones?

The bill made PERMANENT the 40% INCREASE in the size of the federal government since COVID. It also KEPT INTACT more than 98% of the IRS WEAPONIZATION against conservatives and ERASED the debt ceiling until, at least, January 2025 -- if not longer. Thanks to these "Uniparty All-Stars," America's national debt is expected to reach $36 TRILLION (or more) by January 2025!

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You can take immediate action to let as many as 134 of these 166 "Uniparty All-Stars" know they've been nominated and accepted for a Lifetime Membership in the D.C. UNIPARTY. In response to the dirty, debt-limit debacle, you can join hundreds, if not thousands, of your fellow "America First" patriots to give "credit" where it's due.

For just $15, your personalized fax can reach up to 25 of these "Uniparty All-Stars" in the House and Senate. Add another 50 Uniparty House members for only $20 more. (That's up to 75 faxes for $35 -- 53% OFF!) Or fax EVERY Uniparty RINO with a working fax number who voted "Yes" for only $60. (Instantly send up to 133 faxes at 55% OFF!)

It's not every day that lawmakers who claim to support more liberty and less government spending cave so quickly, easily and completely to the opposition party -- even though they control America's "purse." Make your voice heard by faxing these "Uniparty All-Stars" now!

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Fax up to 25 "Uniparty All-Stars" in the House and Senate, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Steve Scalise.
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