Tucker Carlson: "Biden is done." If you agree, rush "Joe Must Go!" faxes to GOP Reps now!

FOX News host Tucker Carlson said Thursday night that the so-called "Commander-in-Chief" is being "euthanized by his own party." In addition to calling it a "pretty weird experience," Carlson added that "there's an undeniable thrill to it." Here are more of his thoughts on Joe's future:

"You have to admit that Biden is the most destructive president in American history. More things have broken under his watch than under any other president. Joe Biden deserves to be driven from office and disgraced. But for this? Breaking federal-classification rules? Some of the stupidest and most dishonest laws Congress has ever passed? ...

"It could happen because at this point you know exactly where this story is heading. 'Permanent Washington' does not want Joe Biden to run for president again. This is how they're sending that message. ...

"Biden is done. What a missed opportunity this is. If you're looking for crimes that Joe Biden has committed, there is a very long list. Our country is being invaded. The world is on the brink of nuclear war. American cities have become slums. Our economy is in shambles. Even our airplanes no longer take off on time. It's a disaster, and Joe Biden and his staff have a hand in all of it." (Click here to watch the entire segment.)

Do you agree with Carlson's assessment? Do you want to see Joe impeached, forced to resign or removed from office? You can take immediate action to tell GOP Representatives: "Joe Must Go!"

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Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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"Tucker Carlson Tonight" (FOX News via YouTube)

Note: Out of respect for the office, Grassfire has avoided referring to Joe Biden using only his first name over the past two years. But, to avoid what we suspect is targeted, Big Tech censorship of Grassfire emails with "Biden" in the subject line or message content, we will now refer to him simply as "Joe" in our updates.