President Trump criticized The New York Times and CNN on Sunday for publishing a story that he insists isn't true. Here's what he tweeted: 

But that wasn't all the President did to "troll" the FAKE NEWS media. He also tweeted this:

Ironically, that photograph is the same one Grassfire used for the cover of our new resource Defending America's Greatness! We created this oversized, full-color, magazine-style publication exclusively for our team members to commemorate Mr. Trump's historic Mt. Rushmore speech on July 3. This presidential keepsake also includes important speeches and writings from the four American presidents carved into the national monument.

In his Mt. Rushmore address, our Commander-in-Chief boldly and unashamedly celebrated American exceptionalism. He did it in the face of radical opposition from far-left Democrats who are actively and openly trying to undermine our laws, our government and our way of life.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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