With Joe's Regime and the Deep State continuing their relentless attacks, President Trump's future might look dark. But even with this week's third indictment -- and others imminent -- things are not always what they seem. In fact, Grassfire founder and president Steve Elliott insists the impact "45" will continue to have on American politics and culture is far from over!

In his new book, 21 Years Of Trump, Elliott makes a compelling case that Donald J. Trump is NOT going away. He writes that Trump's hegemony, his dominance of America's political landscape, will last for more than two decades -- ultimately reshaping our great nation for the better.

This exclusive, Grassfire publication explains how President Trump and his "America First" agenda will continue to cast a long, enduring shadow over the United States. That hegemony will expand and extend life, liberty and limited government to the great benefit and blessing of We the People.

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21 Years Of Trump begins when the billionaire real-estate developer and reality-TV icon descended the golden escalator inside Trump Tower to announce his 2016 candidacy for president of the United States. Inside these pages, you'll learn why Elliott is convinced that no matter what radical Democrats, the Deep State, the D.C. Swamp, NeverTrump RINOs, the Unhinged Left, the Woke Mob and FAKE NEWS do to him, President Trump will keep fighting -- and winning -- for America.

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