Trump/Revolt TV Spot (2016)

Grassfire proved to be on the leading edge of forecasting a "citizen revolt" that would elect an "outsider" to the White House in 2016. We even named Donald Trump as the most likely candidate in a book written and published in December 2015 -- when most were still not giving much credibility to his campaign.

By January, we were "all in"...

So we developed a DRTV (direct response television) campaign to get the message out. The campaign ran on FOXNews in selected markets, as well as radio.

The campaign had some success but not enough for a massive rollout. Nontheless, there was Grassfire on the leading edge of what was happening. We felt the revolt coming from the late 2000s. We saw the revolt build into a massive "Tea Party" movement that shifted the political landscape in the nation. And we witnessed what happened in 2013 when the GOP backed down to Obama in a government shutdown over ObamaCare. Grassroots Americans were fed up -- not with Obama, but with Republicans. And that set the stage for a citizen revolt and the election of President Trump -- the first true (non military, not politcal) president in American history.


Radio Spot.


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