Facebook's "Supreme Court" upheld, at least temporarily, banning President Trump from the social-media platform. But the oversight board also said the "indefinite suspension" was "not appropriate." (See additional info here.) If that's true, then why is America's 45th Commander-in-Chief STILL locked out of Facebook?

The ongoing social-media censorship of conservatives has former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asking if Congress needs to break up Big Tech monopolies. Yesterday, he told FOX News that the Overlords of Silicon Valley have one standard for Donald Trump and another for people who are "suggesting more nefarious things than the President has been accused of." He added:

"Google and Facebook and YouTube actually control much of what America sees. Whether it's you and I talking right now and it gets re-posted on any of those platforms, they have the ability to actually raise that profile or lower it. And so, it is time that we breakup Big Tech, not just regulate 'em."

Long before the "rigged" 2020 election forced President Trump from office, the Commander-in-Chief practically begged Republicans in Congress to take action against the Silicon Valley oligarchs, but GOP lawmakers refused to act. Now, free speech is under attack like never before. It's outrageous and unAmerican!

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Far-left Democrats don't care that their fellow citizens are being targeted and silenced. Why? Because they're the ones in power -- at least for now. Big Tech and FAKE NEWS are their corrupt partners in this dystopian, unconstitutional power grab. They've all joined forces with the Biden regime to censor, cancel and condemn conservative thought, speech and action.

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