As part of our "Save America: Vote Red" campaign, Grassfire needs your help to take three actions today. We're asking you to stand with us because you're part of our nationwide, grassroots network of "America First" patriots. Your support today can make an impact over the next 15 days.

There's an effort under way to destroy our national identity, our cultural identity and even our sexual identity. The radical, unhinged Left is attacking our children with policies that are pushing transgender ideas directly into elementary schools. The pro-LGBTQ agenda is destroying girls sports, while pushing for minors to access genital mutilation and puberty blockers without the knowledge or consent of parents.

This past week, the CDC doubled down on the Biden Regime's COVID tyranny by voting 15-0 to push COVID vaccine mandates on our children. In many states, children soon will be required to take the jab to enter public schools.

This is outrageous. It's an affront to our liberties, an assault on our families and a fundamental attack on our children. That's why we're asking Grassfire team members to take three distinct actions today to support our "Save America: Vote Red" campaign.

First, go to America Vote Red on Facebook. Visit our page to "like" and "share" pro-faith, pro-America and pro-Trump content with your family and friends. Join more than 120,000 "America First" patriots on that page, as we try to reach a million people in the next two weeks.

Again, "like" the America Vote Red page. "Share" its content. Those actions will help Grassfire spread the word.

Secondly, you can add "Vote Red" to your social-media profiles on whatever social-media platforms you're using right now. We have square and rectangular icons here to use for profile pics and cover photos over the next 15 days.

Finally, please sign our "Yes! I'm Voting Red!" national petition by clicking here. Join thousands who are saying they'll "Vote Red" to save America.

Grassfire is trying to rally up to one million citizens to take action and to say they'll "Vote Red!" If you'll take these three simple actions -- LIKE, SHARE and SIGN -- you can help us reach tens or thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people with "Save America: Vote Red" at this critical time. Go here to learn more:

Again, Grassfire has set a goal to REACH one million citizens and RALLY hundreds of thousands more through our "Save America: Vote Red" initiative. The battle is real, and "America First" patriots must fully engage NOW to win it! There really is only one choice for our great nation -- SAVE AMERICA by VOTING RED! Thank you, in advance, for taking action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. To learn more about our "Save America: Vote Red" campaign, click here. Get official "Save America: Vote Red" ReStickers here in appreciation for your gift of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire build momentum over the next 15 days: