Dozens of lawmakers in the House are considered "vulnerable" in the 2020 election. Many are Democrats who represent districts that President Trump won in 2016. Others are Republicans who might lose re-election if they don't defend America's Commander-in-Chief in the face of the impeachment-inquiry Witch Hunt. 

To give our team members a voice in the fight against the coup seeking to remove the President from office, Grassfire has re-launched our I SAY "NO!" TO IMPEACHMENT FaxFire. We have identified 46 vulnerable Democrats and 32 at-risk Republicans who you can send personalized faxes, demanding the House end this second Witch Hunt against Mr. Trump.

If you want to stand with our Commander-in-Chief and against Democrat efforts to remove him from office, we invite you to send personalized I SAY "NO" TO IMPEACHMENT faxes now. If you want to demand that House Republicans work to end this coup against the President, take immediate action.

With just a few clicks, Level 1 of the I SAY "NO!" TO IMPEACHMENT FaxFire will instantly reach your Representative, your two Senators, key House and Senate Leaders, and 10 vulnerable House Democrats -- Representatives who reportedly are "on the fence" about removing Mr. Trump from office.

Level 2 empowers you to reach an additional 36 at-risk Democrats in the House, while Level 3 includes 32 House Republicans who appear to be facing an uphill fight for re-election.

Grassfire has added significant discounts to EACH LEVEL of our I SAY "NO" TO IMPEACHMENT FaxFire to help you to make the most impact possible. Receive 40% to 55% OFF when you fax your personalized messages to your Representative; your two Senators; key House and Senate Leaders; and "vulnerable" lawmakers from BOTH parties.

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and other far-left Democrats have launched a coup against a president they can't defeat at the ballot box. The Left, bolstered by the "mainstream media," is rushing toward impeachment hoping to kill Mr. Trump's chances of winning a second term. (Go here to see a list of fax targets and their contact information.)

Grassfire feels so strongly about the need for our team members to take action, that we've lowered the price on our I SAY "NO" ON IMPEACHMENT FaxFire. Act now to demand Congress stop fanning the flames of an impeachment Witch Hunt! Fax your personalized message to Capitol Hill offices now at a 40% to 55% DISCOUNT! Click here to send your faxes now.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action today.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Liberty-loving patriots who support the President MUST take action to "Fight The Coup!" against him. Make your voice heard against impeachment by faxing members of Congress now. Democrat efforts to take down our Commander-in-Chief by force, rather than by winning an election, MUST not be allowed to succeed! Click here to fax now and SAY "NO" ON IMPEACHMENT: