We the People are EXACTLY THREE WEEKS AWAY from determining the future course of this great nation. SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED is, very likely, the most important grassroots effort in our entire 20-year history. See below to learn how WE can empower YOU to take a stand. --Grassfire

Our national identity is under assault -- and has been since the Obama years. America is facing an existential crisis that threatens our very existence.

This diabolical effort seeks to destroy our nation, our culture, our faith, our families and more. Even our sexual identity as male and female is under attack by the radical, unhinged Left.

Why? Because without these cornerstone identities, We The People become fractured, divided and controllable by Big Government and their cohorts in the FAKE NEWS media.

In response to this assault, Grassfire -- America's truly independent patriot conservative network -- has created the SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED rallying point. "America First" patriots MUST vote RED to:

  • Secure our Borders
  • Stop the Spending Madness
  • Restore our Energy Freedom
  • Make our Streets Safe
  • Protect our Kids and Save our Schools
  • Stop Runaway Inflation

Grassfire has set a goal to REACH one million citizens and RALLY hundreds of thousands more to SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED. Here are FOUR ACTION ITEMS we're introducing TODAY to make an impact over the next THREE WEEKS:

  1. Say "I WILL VOTE RED" and spread the word to family and friends.
  2. Add "Vote Red" to your social media profiles.
  3. Like, Follow and Share our official "VOTE RED" Facebook page (more than 100k strong!)
  4. Help us reach one million citizens with SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED!

The battle is real, and "America First" patriots must fully engage NOW to win it! There really is only one choice for our great nation -- SAVE AMERICA by VOTING RED! Thank you, in advance, for taking action today.

Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. To learn more about our SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED initiative, click here to visit our sign-up page. Get official SAVE AMERICA: VOTE RED ReStickers here in appreciation for your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire build momentum for this national campaign: