Demand Senators "Stop The FAKE Anti-Terror Bill!" TODAY!

Hysterical Democrats want to silence conservative, "America First" patriots by labeling them "white supremacists" for daring to oppose the failed Biden regime and the radical, unhinged Left's "woke mob." If you support life, liberty and limited government, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) want you to sit down and shut up or face the wrath of federal law enforcement.

The FAKE anti-domestic terrorism bill, the "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act," passed the House last week and is expected to be voted on in the Senate TODAY. That means freedom-loving Americans have only a short window of time to make their voices heard. Take immediate action to defend your First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of peaceful assembly by using our "Stop The FAKE Anti-Terror Bill!" FaxFire.

+ + Call On GOP Senators To Stand Strong And Stay United Against The Democrats' "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act"

Do you think Democrats in the White House, Senate and House should be "weaponizing" the FBI and Department of Homeland Security against "America First" patriots simply for disagreeing with Joe Biden's failed agenda and the radical, unhinged Left's stated goal of "fundamentally transforming the United States"? If your answer is NO, make your voice heard by sending faxes now!

Our "Stop The FAKE Anti-Terror Bill!" FaxFire empowers you to reach your two Senators, ALL 50 Republican Senators and moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. That's up to 53 faxes for only $30. If possible, "go the extra mile" and select LEVEL TWO for an even bigger impact. Fax all 100 United States Senators for just $50. That's half off our regular price!

To encourage maximum participation from our team members, we discounted BOTH LEVELS of this urgent FaxFire by 40 and 50 percent! Once you select your fax level below, you'll be directed to a page where you can customize your "Stop The FAKE Anti-Terror Bill" faxes and finalize your order.

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Fax your two Senators, 50 GOP Senators and moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia (up to 53 faxes).
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