The "blame game" rhetoric of Democrat politicians -- especially many of the presidential candidates -- in aftermath of this weekend's tragic shootings has been despicable. Consider this sampling of how various candidates blamed President Trump for the shootings:

Beto O'Rourke called President Trump a "white nationalist," said plainly that "of course [Trump is] racist," and proclaimed that our President "has no place" in El Paso.

Bernie Sanders laid blame at the feet of the President in saying, "Stop the hatred" and added that "We must come together as a nation to reject the dangerous and growing culture of bigotry and hatred espoused by Donald Trump."

Cory Booker stated that "Donald Trump is responsible for this."

Presidential candidate Tim Ryan said, "Republicans need to get their sh&# together and stop pandering to the NRA."

Pete Buttigieg said, "you see [white nationalism rhetoric] being echoed by the White House, and there is a measure of responsibility that you just can’t get away from when you have case after case of racial rhetoric coming out of the White House.”

Kamala Harris said that President Trump "has emboldened [white nationalism], he has given it power, he has elevated it, he has coddled it, and he’s got to stop."

Elizabeth Warren: "Donald Trump has created plenty of space for hate. He is a racist."

Joe Biden said America cannot fight hate until "[Trump's] voice is no longer in the White House."

There is no place in our country and in our public debate for presidential candidates or members of Congress to BLAME the horrific actions of a deranged shooter on President Trump, or to use the occasion of such a tragedy to call President Trump a "white supremacist" and even equate his actions to those of Nazi Germany.


This outrageous and despicable behavior cannot go unanswered! That's why we created a STOP BLAMING TRUMP FaxFire to let you tell these candidates what you think! Our team has identified fax numbers for 11 of the candidates and we'll send your STOP BLAMING TRJMP message to all 11 -- along with your two Senators and Rep.

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Conservatives are ready and willing to come to the table and address the ROOT CAUSES of this crisis, but these politicians must first STOP THE BLAME GAME!

Thanks for taking action,