Dear Member of Congress,


Our great nation is already on the razor's edge of moral, social and political upheaval. An indictment and arrest of President Trump could be the final string the Democrats pull to entirely unravel "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Are you willing to let We the People watch America's 45th President -- the man who earned 74 million votes in 2020 -- be handcuffed and "perp walked" to appease the most radical, extreme and unhinged members of the far-left and "woke mob"?


I'm faxing today to demand that Congress take action to stop this and all political attacks against President Trump. His pending indictment and possible arrest in New York City are the final straw! I demand Republicans in the House and Senate take immediate action to stop the latest outrageous attack against President Trump: the New York City district attorney's politically motivated, "misdemeanor" witch hunt.


Finally, I'm outraged by the continuous attacks on Mr. Trump, which clearly have the goal of destroying America's former Commander-in-Chief and keeping him from running for president again. So thank you, in advance, for your immediate and forceful response to my call to action. Please note that I am monitoring how congressional Republicans work to stop these politically motivated attacks against President Trump, then I will vote accordingly.




A Taxpaying, American Patriot