Dear Elected Official,


I'm faxing you and other lawmakers to demand you take immediate action to "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" that has infected some of America's greatest cities and destroyed the lives and businesses of thousands who are helpless in its path. The rioting, looting and death in several Democrat-run cities in mostly Democrat-led states has gotten out of hand. The radical Left, whose Antifa and BLM thugs are behind most of the orchestrated chaos, has been fanning the flames of violence and unrest in hopes of hurting President Trump's reelection chances.


Most Democrat leaders have refused to condemn or even recognize the months-long problem, which began in May with peaceful protests that devolved into the nightly mayhem America suffers with now. The FAKE NEWS media has been complicit in the lawlessness by excusing, minimizing, ignoring or even celebrating the death and destruction. Dozens have been killed, businesses have been ransacked, and livelihoods have been destroyed. Those on the Left who, finally, are beginning to talk about the violence are only doing so to help Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's poll numbers.


These riots are not President Trump's fault. He has offered the full assistance of the federal government to each state affected by this senseless violence. Yet, for the most part, the Democrat leaders in the worst-hit areas have refused the Commander-in-Chief's help! Despite the Left's full-court-press to blame the death and destruction in the streets on "Trump's America," it's a charge that won't stick. The Left's silence for months -- as well as their open calls for violence since BEFORE the President took office -- will be remembered by voters.


So, as a concerned taxpayer and citizen, I'm asking you to do what you can to end the ongoing violence in mostly Democrat cities and states. I’m calling on you, a duly elected lawmaker in the United States of America, to say "ENOUGH!" and take immediate action to "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" Please note that I am closely monitoring your response to my call to action. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.