Now, Fax Democrat Lawmakers To Demand They "STOP THE VIOLENCE!"

This MUST be the LAST STRAW! Two sheriff's deputies were ambushed in Los Angeles County on Saturday, September 12, and shot at point-blank range, sitting in their vehicle. Grotesquely, when the male (24) and female (31) officers were rushed to the hospital, protestors reportedly blocked the entrance to the emergency room!

The rioting, looting and death in several Democrat-run cities in mostly Democrat-led states has gotten WAY out of hand. The radical Left, whose Antifa and BLM thugs are behind most of the orchestrated chaos, has been fanning the flames of violence, unrest and "police hate" in hopes of hurting President Trump's reelection chances. Dozens have been killed, businesses have been ransacked, and livelihoods have been destroyed.

While Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden called this weekend's shooting "unacceptable, outrageous and entirely counterproductive," it's too little too late! Many other Dem lawmakers STILL refuse to publicly condemn the ongoing violence. What began in May with peaceful protests has devolved into the nightly mayhem America suffers with now.

Also, the FAKE NEWS media has been complicit in the lawlessness by excusing, minimizing, ignoring or even celebrating the death and destruction. NFL players took a knee in Week 1 of their season to protest alleged police brutality, but what about the two members of California law enforcement fighting for their lives?

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