This is getting old. For the past four months in a row, Grassfire has needed to message our team members about how we're facing a significant budget shortfall. We don't want to do it, but without the ongoing support of friends like you, our grassroots efforts CANNOT continue. Right now, with only three days left in February, we have a CRITICAL NEED.

If you're tempted to stop reading, please don't. We're not just talking about financial support here. While that's honestly our most immediate need, we could use your help in other ways, too. You can support Grassfire by spreading the word about our online-activism tools, email updates, news articles and action items. Help us give "America First" patriots a voice in Washington, D.C.!

If you can help with a contribution today, that's great. Please click here. (See below to learn about thank-you gifts we'll send you in appreciation for your support.) But if you can stand with Grassfire by spreading the word about us to your family, friends and neighbors, that would be a big help, too.

In this crucial election year, we need to build, grow and expand our efforts like a grassfire. (Get it?) The best way we can do that is if you take action by forwarding our emails, sharing articles, encouraging people to join Grassfire Nation, and liking or sharing posts on our "Stand With Liberty" Facebook page. It's not "all about the Benjamins" with us.

+ + Our Gifts To You...

But if you CAN help Grassfire financially, so we can meet this month's CRITICAL NEED, that's great, too. When you support Grassfire with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we want you to have our new, patriotic "Freedom Isn't Free!" American eagle ReSticker.

These cloth-like, 3' x 9' bumper stickers can be applied and re-applied to virtually any smooth surface. Use them to spread the word that you stand with liberty and against those who hate America and want to impose tyranny!

Contribute $30 or more, and we'll send you two "Freedom Isn't Free!" ReStickers. PLUS, as a special bonus, the first 75 team members to help Grassfire with a contribution of $50 or more will also receive two additional "Freedom Isn't Free" ReStickers AND Jon McNaughton's pro-Trump "Light Of Liberty" 2022 Wall Calendar. This beautiful and patriotic calendar includes a dozen portraits of President Donald Trump that are suitable for framing.

+ + The radical, unhinged Left's "Hate America" agenda seeks to destroy our country.

With all their failures, lies and misdirections, the Biden regime may be trying to distract us from the REAL WAR under way right now. It's a the fight for the very heart and soul of our nation!

Every day, Grassfire and LibertyNEWS chronicle the battles to define and destroy America. Our team has been sounding the alarm and speaking TRUTH every day during this crisis. With your support, we can continue doing that until the 2022 midterms and beyond.

In recent weeks, Grassfire's reach has expanded significantly as we disseminate the TRUTH on the Biden regime and cut through the lies on the COVID-shutdown tyranny. Our Grassfire and LibertyNEWS updates are reaching up to 30% more people every day than this time last year!

If you believe in the work of Grassfire... if you want to help us multiply the grassroots army that can SAVE AMERICA at this crucial time... would you consider making a special contribution right now to help us meet this critical need? Go here to help us fight for America:

Most importantly, you'll be helping Grassfire go to battle for America every day! The fact is, we don't have a long list of deep-pocketed donors, wealthy benefactors or "angel investors" underwriting our grassroots efforts. That's why the generosity of our team members is so crucial to fulfilling our God-inspired mission: REPORT TRUTH that empowers you to TAKE ACTION!

We want to grow Grassfire even more by DOUBLING our reach to inform and equip millions of other grassroots patriots. We have the opportunity to reach even more people through Grassfire and LibertyNEWS than ever before, but another budget shortfall this month is hampering our efforts.

Do you believe in freedom, in liberty and in the work of Grassfire to reach hundreds of thousands of patriots with the TRUTH day after day? If so, please empower us to give you a voice in the fight against the Biden regime and the radical, unhinged Left's "Hate America" agenda. Click here to help. Thanks, in advance, for your generous support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Again, we're facing a CRITICAL NEED this month. Honestly, it's the worst budget shortfall we've seen in TWO YEARS! Grassfire is on pace to be about $20,000 short of our revenue goal for February. To expand and grow during this critical election year, we can't afford to end a fourth month in a row short. Please click here or on the banner below to help now:

P.S. If you can go the "extra mile" and help us with a monthly, recurring gift, we'll include you as a GRASSFIRE VIP, which gives you discounts on all our FaxFire programs. Plus, you'll be the first to receive our VIP News Briefings most every weekday morning. Go here to become a Grassfire VIP: