With the Senate set to vote on the budget deal, I'm writing to say STOP THE SPENDING MADNESS and oppose the dirty budget deal.


As Rush Limbaugh noted, "Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore." What happened to the days when Republicans actually OPPOSED runaway spending and deficits! Now, Congressional Republicans and President Trump are on the verge of partnering with Democrats on a budget deal that is WORSE than what President Obama delivered.


That's why I'm saying... Say NO to the Spending Madness!


Despite the blatant lies and half-truths, this deal creates $2 trillion in additional debt along with annual $1 trillion deficits while note imposing any real, near-term spending cuts. The alleged "cuts" happen in the future and will be repealed by a future Congress. In fact, this dirty deal wipes out the cuts promised in prior deals. It's the same sad story.


Again, say NO to the Spending Madness. Vote NO on the dirty, backroom budget/deficit deal.