The Big Tech censorship we warned you about yesterday got worse overnight. Twitter has BANNED President Trump from its social-media platform -- PERMANENTLY! The sitting president of the United States of America has been "canceled" by Silicon Valley Overlords and prevented from communicating with We the People. It's outrageous!

What's worse is that radical Democrats and the Unhinged Left are applauding the action, as if there's no chance of it ever happening to them. (Be careful what you wish for!) One Democrat representative from New York ridiculously compared silencing the President to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

But Twitter isn't the only social-media company that took egregious, facist-style action yesterday. Facebook banned a conservative group with more than half a million members! According to a press release, the Walk Away Foundation lost "hundreds of thousands of videos from former Democrats who have abandoned their former party. At the same time Facebook also deplatformed a dozen Walk Away Foundation staff members and dozens of volunteers."

It gets worse.

An online article posted this week by ABC News called for "cleansing the movement [Trump] commands, or getting rid of what he represents." If the idea of "cleansing" people brings to your mind the same disturbing historic imagery that it did for us, FAKE NEWS media are the ones who need to tone down their inflammatory rhetoric, not the President.

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