What we're seeing on college campuses is shocking and MUST BE STOPPED!

Radical, pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel and blatantly ANTI-SEMITIC radicals first took over Columbia University in New York. Then yesterday, violence broke out after pro-Hamas radicals continued to block access to the UCLA campus for Jewish students and anyone who would not join their pro-Hamas protest.

These radicals created blockades that required special no-Jews-allowed wrist bands for entrance. As one Jewish student tried to gain access, a pro-Hamas radical said, "Are you a Zionist? We're not gonna let Zionists in."

Let's be clear...

This is blatant anti-Semitism that is targeting Jewish students on American college campuses, and these radical, leftist university officials have either not responded or have been too slow to respond.

Last night at UCLA, counter protestors pushed back against the anti-Semite radicals. Police finally intervened after hours of direct conflict.


It's time for Congress to take action IMMEDIATELY to stop these anti-Semitic riots and to punish any university or institution that allows pro-Hamas protests that violate the rights of American citizens.

Grassfire just launched a new FaxFire calling on Congress  to "Stop the Rising Tide of Anti-semitism." Go here to fax Congress now and demand they take action to STOP THESE PRO-HAMAS, ANTI-JEWISH ATTACKS:

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We cannot sit by silently while radical, pro-Hamas and anti-Jewish radicals target and attack Jewish Americans.

Thanks for taking a stand.


Source: Oli London Twitter